Maria Fogelstrom

​Maria Fogelstrom is a public affairs professional with a strong background in EU policy. She has directed a major European regional office in Brussels for more than a decade before establishing in Stockholm, where she holds a senior executive position as Director in Public Relations at the City of Stockholm. Being a skilled lobbyist, networker and business developer, she has founded, and owns Europhoria, a consultancy specializing in EU affairs and communications. Europhoria partners with Cleverland Communications.

Maria runs the XX-Network in Brussels, which she launched in 2008, and which consists of 80 women in senior managerial positions from across Europe. Her speakers included the Swedish Commissioners Margot Wallström and Cecilia Malmström. In 2010, Maria was among the 200 professional women elected for a project launched by the Swedish government to encourage more women to become board members. She is today President of Fritids Saint Louis in Stockholm.  Maria holds a BA in Musicology. She is a member of the Board Pool Belgium Strategic Committee.

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