Ida Beerhalter

Ida Beerhalter is Investment Partner at Bellwald Partner GmbH, the investment arm of a Switzerland-based family office, and a Partner at MedXperts, a Germany-based consulting firm for private investors and companies in the HealthTech and LifeSciences Sectors.

​Ida serves as member of the Board of Trustees of Astia, San Francisco, US, a non-profit organization dedicated to the success of women-led, high-growth ventures, as strategic advisor to Impact Investment Partners, London, a LLP specialized in investing in emerging markets, and as Director Corporate Affairs at Cardionovum GmbH.

Prior to her current roles Ida served as Head of Business Development at NonWoTecc Medical GmbH, as Vice President, Business Development at mNEMOSCIENCE GmbH, and as Director Business Development at the KRAUTH group. Ida is a partner of FemaleBoardPool Belgium.

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